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American Public University and the Transportation Security Administration: Proud to be Partners in Education

We have all likely encountered Transportation Security Administration (TSA) professionals and it’s clear that they have an extremely difficult job protecting our nation’s transportation infrastructure and each one of us when we travel. Earlier this week, we proudly announced a significant expansion of our existing TSA partnership. American Public University (APU) was selected by the TSA’s Institute of Higher Education as one of just two partners in education from a total field of 19 institutions nationwide to serve up to 20,000 TSA employees at 147 airports across 14 states and five U.S. territories.

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Military Spouse Melanie Binversie

How My AMU Experience Helped Make Me a Better Military Spouse

Editor’s Note: From time to time in this space, we want to share stories from our alumni as they relay their experiences with APUS and how they have impacted their careers and personal lives. This week, we feature the story of AMU Emergency and Disaster Management student and military spouse Melanie Binversie. We encourage you to contact us at to share your own APUS journey with us as well.

New places, faces, streets, neighbors, houses, new schools for your kids and for you. I like to think I am pretty unique, but the truth is, I am a lot like every other military spouse. We have moved seven times in eight years. The challenges that we face as a military family extend further than just having to get new curtains each time you move and having a stack of them taller in your linen closet, none of which work for your current house!

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