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In Orlando, many people have died this day. This is a tragedy for our civilization. The perpetrator likely expected a certain, primal, violent response that would enhance and validate his goals. So let's not validate them. Let's take the broader perspective that would be better for our civilization.
Methane leaks into our atmosphere at far larger rates than we've ever understood. This has consequences. Please take the time to understand them.
What is an emergency? Well, an emergency SHOULD include threats to life, health, safety, security, maybe even the economy. But if we misuse the word, then we end up like Chicken Little or the boy who cried 'Wolf!' Let's not go there.
The number and quantity of oil spills we've caused as a civilization--and the damage they cause to both our planet and our economy--have been well documented. The important question to be asked at this juncture of our development is this: Are we learning anything?