Home Emergency Management News EDM Friday Briefing: Washington College, Harvard, Spirit Airlines
EDM Friday Briefing: Washington College, Harvard, Spirit Airlines

EDM Friday Briefing: Washington College, Harvard, Spirit Airlines


Washington College Closed

Jacob Marberger, a student at Washington College in Chestertown, MD is reportedly still missing as of Thursday.  Why is it a concern?  A phone call from parents to the school on Monday revealed a distraught student, who in the middle of the night, went home and allegedly took the family rifle case.

Another call from police prompted strong action by the college, since it warned of Jacob purchasing ammunition.  Erring on the side of extreme caution in order to protect students, Washington College has closed the school until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Campus administrators say there has been no threat, they just want to ensure the safety of their students.

Harvard Challenges

A bomb threat on Monday, along with a threatening email and defaced pictures on Thursday, create challenges for Harvard University.  On Monday, Harvard received a bomb threat against four of their buildings, prompting evacuations.  On Thursday, the university's paper received an email regarding that same bomb threat, and included additional warnings.

Adding further tension to the campus,  pictures of black professors were defaced with black tape, thought to be in direct relation to student activity that showed support for students of color earlier in the week.

Spirit Plane Returns to Airport

Spirit Airlines flight returns to Ft. Lauderdale only fifteen minutes after its departure late Thursday night due to a bomb threat.  The Broward County Sheriff’s office said a passenger on board the plane made the threat once the plane was en route to Minneapolis.  The plane was apparently taken to a remote location for security purposes once it landed, according to Federal Aviation Administration officials.  This follows two other incidents involving commercial airliners earlier this week.

On Tuesday, a concern was apparently voiced by a passenger on board that prompted a Spirit Airlines plane in Baltimore to return to the gate.  The other instance also occurred on Tuesday and resulted in two Air France planes being diverted due to bomb threats.

Paris Attacks, Revisited

Much dialogue has occurred regarding the implications of the Paris attacks last Friday, including how the threat of such ruthless violence is expanding beyond Europe, reminding everyone that  this is a global focusing event.

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