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How a Mobile Application Team Can Improve Officer Recruitment

Recruiting the right individuals can be a daunting task for agencies and take up valuable time and resources. Learn how a Mobile Application Team (MAT) can help by eliminating unqualified applicants early on.

Building a Fire Department Annual Training Plan From the Ground Up

A structured annual training plan can go a long way in ensuring firefighters are prepared for the variety of situations they encounter. Read on to find out how you can implement one in your fire department.

Building a Peer-Support Program for Firefighters

By Leischen Stelter

A peer-support program can create a world of difference for firefighters when it comes to dealing with stress and trauma from the job. Learn more about the unique benefits a peer-support program offers and how you can implement one in your department.

How EMS Providers Can Manage Chronic Stress

High levels of stress are an inherent part of the job for EMS providers, so they must know how to manage it. These are the different ways stress can impact an EMS provider and how they can access help if they need it.

Virtual Reality Opens Up New Training Opportunities for Officers

Virtual reality is gaining traction in the entertainment industry, but can the technology be used to improve officer training? Digital Immersion Reality Training - or DIRT - is proving it can with innovative programs that put officers through realistic training scenarios. Learn more about the upcoming launch of DIRT's programs and how it could change the future of officer training.

Recruiting Tomorrow’s Police Officers

Fewer people than in the past are applying to become police officers. Find out how agencies can engage their current officers in recruitment efforts to fill vacancies with qualified applicants.

The Prison Pipeline: Fighting Human Trafficking From Inside Prison Walls

Prisons have long served as recruiting grounds for human traffickers. Learn how some are fighting to raise awareness among correctional staff and implementing programs to educate inmates who are most vulnerable.